Find Your Next Home

Let's Meet

  • Get to know each other, set expectations, and lay the foundation
  • Get the specifics of the house or property you desire and set home search criteria
  • Discuss/arrange financing through local lender
  • Set a customized action plan 

Let's Find Your Home

  • Receive daily emails of listings that meet your search criteria
  • Scour online inventory
  • Tour homes that catch your eye

Time to Write an Offer!

Escrow is opened at a Local Title Company (Escrow is a neutral third-party responsible for title search, transfer of title, insuring clear title, and moving money. The title company or escrow officer facilitates the agreement between buyer and seller.)

Have a Professional Home Inspection conducted and negotiate repairs

Appraise property (if lender is involved)

Onward To Closing

  • Schedule signing 
  • Close escrow and record the deed
  • Disburse funds
  • Take possession of your new home!