Find Your Next Home

Regardless of your level of experience with selling homes, I will make the process as smooth, efficient, and enjoyable as possible. Here's what to expect in the process:

Introduction & Consultation

  • Visit the property, discuss your goals and answer any questions 
  • Do a comparative marketing analysis for your home
  • Meet a second time to discuss pricing strategy

Commitment to Move Forward

  • Agree on a listing price
  • Review and sign listing agreement
  • Create customized marketing plan that suits your goals 

Prepare for Market

  • Mentally and emotional prepare for the sale of the home
  • Clean, purge, and stage the home
  • Hold photography session

Marketing Stage

  • Hit the ground running with your customized marketing plan
  • Showings, broker tours, open houses, special events

Make a Deal

  • Receive offers and negotiate terms
  • Inspections and appraisals, if necessary
  • Negotiate repairs

Finalize the sale & deliver the property

  • Sign documents and receive the funds
  • Record the deed
  • Pack your bags!